Free City Tour Copenhagen

A List of a Few of the Tourist Attractions in Copenhagen City

As you go for a free city tour Copenhagen, you are going to find a wide assortment of significant buildings, historic
landmarks, alluring museums, and sights. The city of Copenhagen boasts of more than eighty museums and
attractions. The place has turned out to be the prime choice of travel enthusiasts owing to the presence of refined,
raucous, youthful and historic places. Here is a list of few of the top tourist attractions in the city:

Tivoli Gardens

This theme park has earned a high reputation and a wide array of travelers plan a trip to the city only to pay a visit to
the same. The romantic representations of the Orient in the 19th century make it a memorable place. It also has a few
amazing rides, which makes it a kid-friendly place. The Star Flyer happens to be an integral feature of this park which

allows the rider to do hiking to more than 80 meters above the ground.


You can spend hours in this National Museum during free city tour Copenhagen even without realizing the same.
You can find a bunch of artifacts from different areas of the past of Denmark here. You are going to be mesmerized by
the Trundholum Sun Chariot, present here.


It is essentially a pedestrian street and it has turned out to the prime choice of people to accomplish high-end shopping.
It has gained high prominence as one of the largest pedestrian malls across the globe.

If you are looking to shop from
the independent shops in the city, you can refer to Stroget, located in the Old City. You can also choose the narrow
side streets. Tourists can find the perfect combination of old specialty businesses along with the latest boutiques that
have the latest collection for the fashion lovers.

Christiansborg Palace

Nestled on Islet of Slotsholmen, this tourist destination has Denmark’s Supreme court, the Daish Parliament and the
office of the Prime Minister. The prime minister and the Danish Royal Family make the best opportunity of the ornate
reception rooms of the place for holding formal events.

The Green Hall of 40 m length is considered to be the
highlight of the reception rooms and can accommodate almost 400 guests. As you plan to visit this Palace during
free city tour Copenhagen, you will find the little court theater, constructed in the year of 1767 and the Riding
School, overlooked by the gallery.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located in the middle part of the city and is widespread to almost ten hectares. They are of
high value for the botanical wealth and is equipped with amazing glass and iron structures.

The conservatory complex
was constructed in the year of 1873 and few of the species, available here are almost two hundred years old. You can
find more than thirteen thousand species in these gardens. It also boasts of the Arctic Hoise where the hi-tech air
conditioning makes the polar environment for the Arctic species of the gardens.


This is a historic waterfront area which is located next to the canal of the seventeenth century. The tall painted houses
stand tall to both the sides of the canal which dates back to 1700s and 1600s. The ground floors of the place feature
cafes along with outdoor seating, restaurants and house bars.